Here you can know more about the studio.

Daztrax Studios is a non-profit and a completely independent studio founded by Nicolás Jara (more known as Daztrax) and presently serving as the Executive Director of the studio. Established on December 28, 2022, in the Alajuela province of Costa Rica, our studio is dedicated to the creation of indie projects within the realm of game development. Moreover, we have extended our artistic scope to encompass music production, functioning as a record label with normal releases and exclusive releases dedicated to our best videogame LEZ.

Originally, all creative endeavors resided under the auspices of Daztrax, who single-handedly nurtured every facet of the studio. However, driven by an aspiration to broaden our horizons and engage with the commercial landscape, the decision was made to establish an independent studio. Presently, the studio does not maintain a dedicated physical headquarters, as Daztrax is the primary driving force behind our creative output. Yet, our overarching objective remains to unveil and promote some of the remarkable talents, mostly on Costa Rica, sharing their hidden potential with the world through our various projects.

We are immensely grateful for the enthusiastic support we have received for our unique game, LEZ, both from our local community and from streamers, content creators and regular players around the world, and from the team at Intelec, a Costa Rican technology company and a gaming store, and also for Expovit Costa Rica, who also helped us to expose our projects to the public and the gaming community. This support has strengthened our determination and helped us maintain our inspiration to continue generating engaging content for players and content creators around the world to enjoy, improving the overall gaming experience.

An aspect that distinguishes Daztrax Studios is our unwavering commitment to fostering creativity within our works. It is important to note that, within the "Daztrax Studios" project, a single individual undertakes the full spectrum of tasks—a feat that few would venture to accomplish at such a young age as his. Indeed, Daztrax embarked on this independent game development career at the age of 15, a testament to his dedication and passion for the craft.